Taxotere (taxol)
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Taxotere and Taxol : Mesothelioma Treatment

Taxotere, Taxol is a treatment that can help eliminate cancer cells when cancer is discovered or recurs after previous chemotherapy. It is in the taxane class of chemotherapy, a class of medicines derived from the bark or pine needles of certain types of yew trees. It works by interfering with the division and reproduction of cancer cells. Many chemotherapy drugs stop cancer cells from dividing by interfering with cell DNA, but Taxotere is unique in that it attacks the cells microctubules (vital structures that are involved in mitosis).

Taxotere is considered one of the more effective chemotherapy treatments available today. It is administered intravenously and is used to treat various types of tumors. Most often it is used to treat cancers that have returned after prior platinum-based chemotherapy. Particularly, locally advanced lung cancer.

Taxotere is given every 3 weeks and does not require an overnight stay at the hospital. Each treatment lasts about one hour.

For advanced lung cancer patients the most common severe side effects are low blood cell count and fatigue. The most common non-severe side effects included nausea and hair loss.

In general, common side effects reported for Taxotere are reduction in white and red blood cell counts and infection. Other common side effects are joint and muscle pain, and nerve pain. Severe hypersensitivity may also occur in the form of shortness of breath, low blood pressure and skin rash. The likelihood of adverse side effects is lowered by several types of medications that are given before the infusion.

All patients treated with Taxotere should receive a pre-medication regimen prescribed by their doctor. If patient's develop an allergic reaction (warm sensation, tightness in your chest, itching/hives, or shortness of breath) they should inform their doctor or nurse immediately. Any other side effects should also be reported immediately.

If you would like more information about Mesothelioma or getting legal assistance please contact us here.

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